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This is by far the best of the series. And the second portrait typifies it beautifully.


Youir blog is fantastic. I add it to my "Webs favoritas". This way I will be able to visit you in a more comfortable way.


Good experience and thank you for sharing :). You can't explain everything in life right ?. Some are better left unsaid and all you need is just believe.


I LOVE this post and photos.!!!

thanks for!!!


Fascinant reportage avec de belles photos !

donG hO

Wow! astig post! pero astig nga talaga siya kasi colt 45 pa ang baso.

nice post! galing!


Visiting your blog is always an educational trip for me.
Fascinating stuff
Great pictures


Ashish Sidapara

It just keeps getting better!


I don't think it's senseless and irrational to believe in such things b/c it does help when Western medicine doesn't.



You know, there are so many things we are still ignorant about! I had never heard of this system of practice till today. Great snaps showing the system of treatment.

Otto K.

Fascinating, Sidney!


Some scientist or medical professional should study the entire process closely to determine what's causing the water to go murky and for the patient to feel "cured". We need to know what combination of chemicals and/or procedures are at play here. Who knows? Manang Akay might be on to something.

Great post as always, Sidney. :)


Good pics Sidney :)

There's something quantum about the effects of healing through this kind of procedure and even as you alluded to, the placebo effect.

Strange but looks like it worked :)


very interesting. I learn from your blog, thanks!!


Wow! This was what I failed to see last time. I actually wanted to find one to cure my cough at that time.

Great documentation and a personal account as well.


So Cosing Akay's method of removing body pains is much better than any therapeutic massage, huh? Too bad Siquijor is too far from Manila.


wow, you witnessed an entire session with a healer. interesting, very interesting. i'm amazed with the clear water turning murky...


Interesting (as always) Sidney!


Faith has its ways...believing is just the first step but a powerful one, when its roots are spread from generation to generation. A fascinating story with great documentary photos.


Sidney!!!!!!!!!!! Superb! Good shot of the healer with the off-focus calendar in the background! I wanna have that!

luna miranda

Perhaps I should pay Manang Akay a visit soon! hahaha

There have been a lot of stories about the healing powers of faith healers---curing patients with simple belly ache to terminal diseases. I have a friend in Cebu who swore she saw roaches coming out from her father's lesions during a healing session. I wished she took some photos!:D

haggis basher


I had a similar experiance and felt good the day after.

Excellent images Sidney.

Kevin from

Fascinating! Love the photo documentary of this procedure.
There are many things I do not totally understand 'how' they work, but sure glad they do!


amazing portraits!

Michael Rawluk

I love the use of Colt 45 in the healing process.
That top shot is such a cool composition.

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